Drip Cake
Drip Cake
$70.00 NZD

Drip Cake

Our drip cakes are our usual delicious cakes, but instead of sticking all the fudge on the inside, we drip over the top and down the side of the cake!

Its a delicious and stylish way to enhance the drama or fun to your cake.  Choose between a white chocolate drip (white) or a dark chocolate drip (dark glossy brown).

Add some beautiful berries and flowers for an additional $20 (select below in drop down options)


Need a cake supa dupa urgently? 

We have a selection of freshly baked cakes in our store daily - give us a call and we'll hook you up.

Please note that delivery has to be confirmed-some couriers are not available at all times

Queenstown CBD-Free - The CBD zone is strictly within the main shopping centre of town, does not include residential suburbs surrounding the CBD zone.

Queenstown Lakes, including: Arrowtown, Kelvin Heights, Fernhill,
Sunshine Bay, Arthurs Point, Frankton etc: $20.00
Click here to view a map of the Queenstown zones.

What size cake should I get? 
Click here to see our cake sizing guide.

Does my cake need to be refrigerated? 
Cup & Cake cakes are best served at room temperature, but we recommend storing it in a fridge 2 hours before serving.

How far in advance do I need to order?
We accept orders from 6 months to 48 hours before an event.

We do not accept cancellations within 72 hours of the pick up date.
Refunds are 50% of deposit and will be granted if refund request is made prior 72 hours before pick date.

I need a cake today… What do I do?
We bake fresh, daily and have options available to choose from our cabinet, or
give us a call to put one aside. 

Can I pay over the phone?
Yes, we accept all major credit cards over the phone. Please DO NOT send your credit details via email, this is an unsafe way to process your payment.

Variations in final products
All of our goods are individually handmade, and therefore may not always appear exactly as in photographs or descriptions. 
Photographs on our site are published to provide you with an approximate idea of the goods they describe. We use local and small suppliers, and we may run out of various inputs, depending on seasonality. 
Please confirm upon ordering if you first flavour of choice is available.